Self-Love Coaching

I work with a small number of individuals and couples. Coaching is by appointment, face to face, or via video conference. Phone support is available as needed between sessions. I encourage my clients to connect with me between scheduled meetings when "stuff" happens, as this is often the best opportunity to shine light on old beliefs and transform them in to more loving beliefs. 

Self-Love Coaching is customizable to fit your needs. I am simply in your life. We meet weekly, for 30 minutes or 2 hours. We chat via internet video and check in on the phone. Each coaching experience is as individual as you are. 

We build a relationship that gently facilitates a more peaceful, joy-filled life for you. The ultimate goal of our work together is the practical application of healthy self-love. Using keys I have gathered along my path, I deliver simple wisdom in a no-nonsense style, facilitating an almost immediate impact.

Self-Love Coaching Group

Miracles happen in groups. I absolutely love group work. Would you like to work with me and others learning to truly love themselves? Self-Love Coaching Group offers the opportunity to experience the healing power of unconditional Love - genuine, loving, direct, no-holds-barred group work produces a tidal wave of Love energy. Shifting the darkness into phenomenal experiences of pure Love. Take this deep dive in to the soothing waters of Self-Love supported by the comfort of a loving group container. Are you sincerely ready for your life to be different? 

  • Live weekly Self-Love Group Coaching Sessions with Tracey Lee
  • Private members only Facebook Self-Love page - a community of connection, support, encouragement, loving examples, safe place to process, share, be heard
  • Access to library of recorded weekly Self-Love Coaching Group sessions
  • Valued member of The Self-Love Movement
  • Discount on private work with Tracey Lee

$199 per month


Other Self-Love Offerings

BoardRoom Meeting - Soul Reclamation Process 

Guided Meditation 90 minute session + three 60 minute follow up sessions - $1,000

Through this guided interactive meditation, I teach clients how to connect with and begin to reparent their wounded child within. This powerful process is done one on one. Soul Reclamation is a very sacred, ancient healing practice. In fact, it may be one of the oldest known healing modality on the planet. When practiced daily, the BoardMeeting can unlock profound healing exponentially faster that most other modalities. 

Self-Love Workshops

Emotions 101 - 

Achieving Emotional Sobriety is simple when you know the basics. Our feelings powerfully point us in the right direction to experience true lasting happiness. Learn to embrace all emotions without judgement or criticism, and allow feelings to lead the way to an emotionally conscious life.

SoulPlay -  

Few things more important to your happiness than frequent doses of play. Play energize us and enlivens us. It eases our burdens. It renews our natural sense of optimism and opens us up to new possibilities and greater creativity. Adding play to your list of things to do boosts your overall well-being. So let’s PLAY!

Back to School Tools - 

This workshop is for Jr High and High School students eager to experience a successful, stress-less school year. Learn tools to expand confidence and empower success. 

Heart Compass Workshop - 

Wandering in the wilderness with a compass is far more efficient and enjoyable than being without one. Living an intentional life with meaning and purpose is also more efficient with a personal compass. Identify your guiding priorities and create your own compass to keep you on track and heading in the best direction to live the life you truly desire. 

Full Moon Celebration -

Pause beneath the healing glow of Grandmother moon. Breathe in deeply, recharge and reclaim the truth of who you are. This sacred time offers the opportunity to connect deeply and become fully grounded in the wisdom of your highest self.

Contact me to discuss how Self-Love can expand to benefit you and the good peeps in your life - circles, groups, family, or business.