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I work with a small number of individuals and couples at one time. Coaching is by appointment, face to face or via video conference. Phone support is available as needed between sessions. I encourage my clients to connect with me between scheduled meetings when "stuff" happens, as this is often the best opportunity to shine light on old beliefs and transform them in to more loving beliefs. 

Coaching is customizable to fit your needs. I am simply in your life. We meet weekly, for 30 minutes or 2 hours. We chat via internet video and check in on the phone. Each coaching experience is as individual as you are. 

We build a relationship that gently facilitates a more peaceful, joy-filled life for you. The ultimate goal of our work together is the practical application of healthy self-love. Using keys I have gathered along my path, I deliver simple wisdom in a no-nonsense style, facilitating an almost immediate impact.

BoardMeeting Soul Reclamation Process - 

Through this guided interactive meditation, I teach clients how to connect with and begin to reparent their wounded child within. This powerful process is done one one one. Soul Reclamation is a very sacred, ancient healing practice. In fact, it may be one of the oldest known healing modality on the planet. When practiced daily, the BoardMeeting can unlock profound healing exponentially faster that most other modalities. 
Guided Meditation + 3 follow up sessions.


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Because I work with a small number of one on one clients, entry into my coaching program is by application.

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