We are able to live our best life

We live our best life when we are completely authentic, totally in integrity with our Soul, when we unabashedly and unapologetically speak our Truth, when we have shed the adaptive self, when the ego-mind quiets and Spirit-mind take the helm.

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Intention vs Reaction

When we are mindful, we can put space between our thoughts, notice our feelings, and choose our response. Rather than being emotionally led by the nose, or rather ego in this case, when we slow our thoughts, recognize what is actually real in this very moment, we give ourselves the space and time to choose what, if any, action is truly necessary right here and now.

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No More Mind Fuckery

I, Tracey Lee, no longer accept, allow, condone, participate in, witness, or tolerate mind fuckery in my life. This includes the mind fuckery I create myself. I will master the ability to choose one thought over another. I decide. I choose. I am the authority. I love me, and therefore I take this loving stand.

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Alicia Volpin Lee ~ September 5, 1930 - July 2, 2017

Lessons from Mother were not the kind you skipped and sang through. She was not the kind of teacher you joyfully brought an apple. Hers was a tough class room. And now with the lessons done, and the final exams passed, I am a far better version of myself having had the experience. Every step of the way Mother was most definitely teaching me love, though it often didn’t feel like it. One thing is for certain, I am a teacher of love because Alicia was my mother.

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Happy 50th to Meeeeeeeeee!

Today I unapologetically love myself, every experience I have had - those that have felt great and those that have not. For each and every experience has brought me to this moment.

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Please, take my hand and choose love with me.

Overcome with sadness, shock and more than a little bit of horror. This election has shaken me, shaken those I love, shaken our country, and the world we live in. I am watching many beautiful souls who believe so passionately in Love and Light, as I do, slip into hate and fear. We simply cannot afford to allow this. 

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My BIG Move & Being a Much Loved Mama

So when Taylor suggested I move closer to him, when the boys and their gorgeous girlfriends helped me find a new home, drew out diagrams of where my furniture might go in my new house, agreed to meet the utility folks to turn on the gas, picked up my keys, agreed to help with the garage sale, took off work to help me move – I felt like I won a 10-foot-tall Mommy Trophy. 

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A Body Filled with Love

Two days ago the AC went out in my car. The temperature in my car read 104°. August in Houston, Texas is not something to sneeze at. I'd like to tell you my thoughts went immediately to 'interesting, what's this here to teach me?' Alas, it took me a day and a bit of suffering to remember that I choose how I want to feel and experience the world around me.

So after a few hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable drives combined with a bit of worry around $$$, I remembered who I am. I loved m
yself up. A body filled with love cannot feel discomfort. I relaxed into loving what is, and immediately was guided to an auto mechanic who would do the fix properly for hundreds of $$$ less.

As I happily drove there, windows down, hair in braids, baseball cap on my head, no shower (because what was the point really?) I realized I was not uncomfortable at all.  

As a teacher of self-love I still experience life on life's terms, stuff still happens. I have marvelous tools that allow me to feel joy and bliss no matter what's happening around me. These spiritual tools are available to all of us not just some of us.

I love you

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A Different Kind of Happy Mother's Day

It is through fully loving my inner children that I could finally come to fully love myself. The little one who is confused about why the grown-ups keep going away. The middle one who just wants to know what she needs to do so you will love her. And the teenager who pretends not to need anyone because she has it all way under control, who in truth desperately just wants to be seen and loved. My beautiful precious inner children. 

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