my son. my teacher. Taylor.

My kiddos' happiness brings me tremendous joy. My intention, among other lessons, was/is to teach my boys, tomorrow's men, to follow their passion. My oldest son is currently on a cycling trip from Sedona to the Grand Canyon, yes, in December!!!

This camping trek took them through freezing temps, snow, unforeseen challenges, and I don’t want to know what else, and could have easily caused me worry, judgment, fear, etc. I chose instead to use this as an opportunity to practice what I have learned, and what I teach. This became an opportunity to release any old gunk, any left over residue in my heart from the past experiences with similar emotions.

When I felt that rush, that whoosh of emotion quickly followed by thoughts of "OMG where is he? OMG is he okay? OMG is he cold?" I took a deep breath, relaxed my body, opened my heart, and released any energy that came up and out. I then tuned into his joy, his adventurous spirit, and my heart swelled with happiness.

Look at this face...this is a happy son...this brings me great joy.

Thank you sweet boy for being one of my greatest teachers.