hula hoop

We can only change ourselves, and our life is infinitely more peaceful when we remember this. How can I have the wisdom to know the difference between what I can change and what I cannot? Imagine there is a hula hoop around you all of the time, yes, ALL OF THE TIME. If it is inside of your hula hoop, you can change it, if it’s not, you can’t. Simple.

Things not inside my hula hoop: my spouse, my kids, my boss, the traffic, the weather, my parents, my past, my future, my friends, the stock market, etc.

Things inside of my hula hoop: my body, my thoughts, my perceptions, my mind, my beliefs, my feelings (happy, sad, mad, afraid), this moment. That’s pretty much it. 

So if you want life to be simple, and who doesn't really, stay inside of your own hula hoop today. You will be surprised just how peaceful this day will be.

ily <3