shiny side of the coin

Interesting… I ordered new business cards with my new website printed on them before the website was done.  Cards were scheduled to arrive on 1/9 which I made my absolute deadline for having the site ready and up. Get it done!!!

The new business cards arrived 2 days early.  My first thought was excitement, almost immediately followed by thoughts of “yikes” and feeling behind on the deadline, and then disappointment as I opened them.  The cards that arrived did not have my changes.  They had the old information. I thought this was curious and decided to address the issue the next day. Mind you the emotions I felt were not big, just flashes.

Patterns changing…my patterns are changing.  When I got the business cards, I was on my way out the door to go to CrossFit, at 6:30 in the evening. I heard myself often say that I don’t work out well in the evening, with this reason and that reason as an excuse.  It’s a new year and a new me full of new possibilities. Even me working out in the evenings sometimes.  Old patterns are released.  Buh-bye!!!

How can I apply no longer having old patterns to the cards?  Hmmm well 200 business cards are certainly better than 100, especially if 100 of them are free.  I’d like that a lot!!!  And so, of course, that is exactly what has happened. (I <3 Moo) will send me the new cards, no charge, and I can keep the ones they already sent. 

Moral – one of the Pearls in my Toolbox is that you can look at most things like a coin with a shiny side and a dull side. I choose which side I want to focus on – the fact that the cards I ordered did not arrive when I expected them and were wrong OR the fact that I get 100 free cards that I can and will use?  And maybe even the Universe is telling me to take a little more time on the website, no need to feel so much pressure to finish – “Here you go sweet Tracey Lee, here’s an extra week. Breathe easy.”

I love this stuff!!!