A Different Kind of Happy Mother's Day

Today I woke up on Mother’s Day to a house without kids.  This is the first Mother’s Day in 25 years that none of my three boys are home. Now before you feel too sad for me, my Mother’s Day will be on Wednesday. Mother’s Day has been delayed due to college finals schedule this year. Two of my 3 gorgeous boys will be here and will wake me up with the usual breakfast in bed with cinnamon toast and coffee and eggs of some sort. And my heart will expand again as it does this time every year.

And still today, no kiddos, and a totally quiet house. As I reflect on what this moment is here to show me I realize that while my boys are amazing, beautiful, smart, kind, magnificent young men in the world (ask anyone who knows them), perhaps my greatest parenting accomplishment has been re-parenting my own inner wounded children. Yes, I said children, plural, as in more than one. And guess what? We all have them.

As a teacher of self-love, I teach all of my clients how to get to know and love their own little ones inside. I guide them through a beautiful and life changing meditation that I call the BoardRoom Meeting. One by one their little ones show up, sometimes eagerly, sometimes not so eagerly. It is a magical healing experience that truly brings the patterns of our current life into greater focus and understanding.

It is through fully loving my inner children that I could finally come to fully love myself. The little one who is confused about why the grown-ups keep going away. The middle one who just wants to know what she needs to do so you will love her. And the teenager who pretends not to need anyone because she has it all way under control, who in truth desperately just wants to be seen and loved. My beautiful precious inner children. One by one, over and over and over, as many times as they need me to, just like with my own boys, I have told them how loved they are, that I am here for them, that I am never leaving them, that they matter. Slowly they came to trust me, to feel truly loved, and finally feel safe in their own skin.

So happy Mother’s Day these spectacular little ones who grew up to become a powerful luminary of love.