A Body Filled with Love

Two days ago the AC went out in my car. The temperature in my car read 104°. August in Houston, Texas is not something to sneeze at. I'd like to tell you my thoughts went immediately to 'interesting, what's this here to teach me?' Alas, it took me a day and a bit of suffering to remember that I choose how I want to feel and experience the world around me.

So after a few hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable drives combined with a bit of worry around $$$, I remembered who I am. I loved m
yself up. A body filled with love cannot feel discomfort. I relaxed into loving what is, and immediately was guided to an auto mechanic who would do the fix properly for hundreds of $$$ less.

As I happily drove there, windows down, hair in braids, baseball cap on my head, no shower (because what was the point really?) I realized I was not uncomfortable at all.  

As a teacher of self-love I still experience life on life's terms, stuff still happens. I have marvelous tools that allow me to feel joy and bliss no matter what's happening around me. These spiritual tools are available to all of us not just some of us.

I love you

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