We are able to live our best life

We are able to live our best life. We live our best life when we are completely authentic, totally in integrity with our Soul, when we unabashedly and unapologetically speak our Truth, when we have shed the adaptive self, when the ego-mind quiets and Spirit-mind take the helm.


This day, this Saturday, this beach day, this work day, this play day, this day embraced and embracing, loved and loving, this day I am living my most magnificent life, free from the paradigms of others, true to myself, Heart and Soul.

My beloved teacher and sweet soul sister, Marianne Williamson, wrote that our playing small does not serve the world. She boldly suggests that I not shrink so that you might not feel small. Instead I am to shine as brightly as I can, that my brilliance might encourage you to shine as well.

Life happens even to the Self-Love Live Coach, big time. I love big, climb high, declare fully, open my heart wide and sometimes I fall, plummet down face first onto the hard, cold, dark earth. We are all Spirit and flesh simultaneously. The fall hurts in equal proportion to the euphoria. I am grateful for it all, the triumph and the tragedy.

I am Love personified. Sit with me and cry the tears that you have been holding. Lean into me and feel my nurturing heart receive you tenderly and completely. See the endless well of unconditional Love that lives deep in my eyes. Feel yourself loved fiercely and perhaps, if not certainly, more fully than you yet Love yourself. Spend time with me, enough time for that Love to teach you how to Love yourself, others and the world as fully as I have.

Mother Spirit Father God,
Who can I love for You today?